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Kulasekharankottai jallikattu conducted after 16 years

Madurai: One of the most famous jallikattu in the district conducted for many centuries, since the Pandiya rule, the Kulasekharankottai jallikattu was held in Madurai after a 16-year period. More than 600 bulls and 350 tamers participated in the event on Sunday.

The place named after the Pandiya King, Kulasekhara Pandian, who built a fortress here, a portion of the wall which still remains and hence the name. Elders here say that the jallikattu was famous in this village since Pandiya period and also during Thirumalai Naicker rule. Jallikattu in this village is held in connection with the Sellayeee Amman temple festival.

Over 600 bulls from many places including, Madurai, Theni, Dindigul and Sivaganga were brought here to participate. The event started at 8am and the bulls were unleashed into the arena one by one. The game was monitored every two hours and a new set of 75 bull tamers out of the 350 men were allowed into the ring to tame the bulls. A veterinary team from Vadipatti, led by Dr Karuppasamy, inspected each of the 601 bulls that were brought to the games. Similarly, doctors from the Vadipatti primary health centre examined the 356 men who had come to tame the bulls.

“My grandfather used to tell us that this game was more famous that the Alanganallur one and we are happy that it is being held this year, after a gap of sixteen years,” said Sivakumar, a villager. According to the villagers, local politics and the SC ban was why the game had not been held for nearly 16 years.

The prizes which were on par with those given at Alanganallur and Palamedu games, included gold and silver coins, lamps, fans, utensils and furniture. The bull tamers vied with each other to bag them.

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