47 injured in jallikattu near Dindigul

STAFF REPORTER                                               DINDIGUL, February 8, 2014

Youths trying to tame a bull at a jallikattu organised at Kosavapatti near Dindigul on Friday. Photo: G. Karthikeyan
Youths trying to tame a bull at a jallikattu organised at Kosavapatti near Dindigul on Friday. Photo: G. Karthikeyan

Eleven persons, with grievous injuries, treated at Dindigul GH

A total of 47 persons were injured at the jallikattu (taming of the bull) held at Kosavapatti near here on Friday.

Eleven persons, who sustained grievous injuries, were treated at the Dindigul Government Hospital and others at the medical camp held near the venue. Four persons suffered fractures in the attack by bulls.

A team of 30 animal husbandry officials checked the animals before allowing them to cross the entry point.

Joint Director of Animal Husbandry P. Ravichandran said the bulls were rejected on four parameters. If the animals were weak, tired, underage or affected by diseases, they were disqualified. Submission of wrong documents or certificates with bogus seals also led to the rejection of animals, he added. Officials also blunted the sharp horns of the animals.

It was the day of fiery bulls that ruled the field, taming several tamers.

With threatening features like sharp horns, sturdy humps and giant-sized bodies, the charging bulls did not allow the tamers to come close. Some big bulls stayed in the middle of the field, throwing a challenge to the tamers. Such bulls clinched big prizes and cash awards for their owners.

The organisers had registered 700 bulls, and around 400 bulls from Madurai, Tiruchi, Natham, Karaikudi, Kosavapatti, Dindigul, Sivaganga and Theni participated in the jallikattu that went on till 3 p.m.

With no sufficient ground to keep the bulls, the owners had tied them to trees at street corners and in open places.

The owners had a tough time bringing fiery bulls to the venue and back safely. They struggled to control them as they had to pass through small lanes crowded with local people. Many schoolchildren were loitering near the venue fearlessly.

Only a few police personnel and a handful of members of Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were struggling to control the crowd. Some bulls ran amuck through the narrow streets forcing men, women and children to take to their heels. One bull suddenly jumped out of the bull path and tried to attack the public. Later, the owners controlled it.

Most of the local people or the policemen did not try to control the crowd. Several persons, in an inebriated mood, wallowed on narrow streets.

This news article has been reproduced from “The Hindu” (Online edition) – dated  February 8, 2014.

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