Organising Jallikattu and Venue

    1. General Regulations for organising Jallikattu
      1. Jallikattu shall be permitted ONLY during the months of January to May every year.
      2. The Venue has to be approved by the District Collector.


    1. Regulations for Organisers
      Every person who organises the event shall,—

      1. take all precautionary steps for the orderly conduct of the event;

      2. inform in writing to the Collector thirty days prior to the date of the event and obtain his permission;

      3. double-barricade the arena or the way through which the bulls pass through, in order to avoid injuries to the spectators and by-standers who may be permitted to remain within the barricades;

      4. fix up the gallery for the spectators to sit and watch the event and the gallery shall be made up with strong sticks to permit occupation;

      5. arrange to obtain prior permission of the Collector to the persons, who wish to bring their bulls to participate in the event;
      6. ensure that the bulls are put to proper testing by the authorities of the Animal Husbandary Department to ensure that performance enhancement drugs are not administered to the bulls in any form and shall obtain a certificate to this effect in such form and in such manner as may be prescribed;

      7. arrange to enroll the names and other particulars of the bull tamers in the event with the Collector at least fifteen days prior to the holding of the event and the bull tamers shall also be put to thorough check up by a medical team constituted by the Collector for this purpose;

      8. ensure that every bull tamer to wear an exclusive dress for the sake of identification with necessary identification card issued by the Collector;

      9. deposit with the Collector, a sum as may be determined by the Collector, which shall not be less than rupees two lakhs, for the benefit of the victim including the members of the family of the victim in case of accident or injury during the event:

        Provided that nothing in this clause, shall be deemed to make the Government or any of its authorities liable to make payment of compensation for the injury or loss caused during the course of conduct of event unless it is established there is a default on the part of the authorities in complying with the provisions of this Act; and carryout any other responsibility that may be prescribed.

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