Rules of the Game

    1. The Bull will be released on the the arena through the entry gate called ‘ Vadivasal’.
    2. The bull tamer / contestant should try to ‘catch’ the bull by holding onto its hump only.
    3. The bull-tamer should hold onto the bull till it crosses the ‘finish’ line. (Usually it is about 50 feet, marked by hanging overhead marker flags along the line.)
    4. If the bull throws the tamer off before the line or if no-one manages to hold on to the bull, then the bull will be declared victorious.
    5. If the bull-tamer manages to hold on to the hump till it crosses the ‘finish line’, then the bull tamer is declared the winner.
    6. Only one bull tamer should hold on to the bull at one time. If more than one bull tamers hold on to the bull, then there is no winner.
    7. The bull tamer should ONLY hold on to the hump. He should NOT hold on to the neck or horns or tails of the bull. Such tamers will be disqualifies.
    8. No bull tamer will hit or hurt the bull in any manner. 

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