Jallikattu – The Game

Jallikattu is a centuries old traditional sport of Tamilnadu !

This sport has been depicted in stone carvings as early as 4000 years ago! This sport has been continuously played all these years and is being still played today in sourthern part of Tamilnadu.

Jallikattu is conducted during the harvest festival – during the months of January to May – and also during other important village festivals. This has been a part and parcel of Tamil culture that it sans religious boundaries. Today Jallikattu is conducted for Hindu  festivals and also held by Christian Churches for christian festivals.


7 thoughts on “Jallikattu – The Game”

  1. Christianity is trying to digest Hindu culture to lure Hindus into its fold. We Hindus should be aware of this. Jallikattu is a Hindu festival and should remain Hindu festival.

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