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Jallikattu.in has been started with the view of providing adequate and necessary exposure for Jallikattu (also called Manjuvirattu in Tamil).

Jallikattu.in has been conceptualised, created and maintained by Balakumar Somu, an IT professional with wide ranging experience in India and abroad.

12 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. dear sir,
    it was a wonderful site for jallikattu peoples,my sole will be a jallikattu but please excuse(devidiya pulla peta)intha naai ennaya pola pala lacham peoples unarvukala purinchukirama stay vaankirukankean.ivankalalam intha kadavul thandikka maatara.mikuntha kanneerudan unarvalan.enka uyir moochu P.RAJASEKARAN and neenka pallandu valanumya.intha jallikatta kappathikoduthirunkaya.

  2. Came across this blog and surprised to see how so many people are firm on animal cruelty despite something being banned by the highest court in the country.

    You can say anything and as much as you can about jallikattu, the humans have reasons to have fun which they enjoy and many reasons and justifications as mentioned in this blog too but the question is, Do the bulls really want to fight?
    Do they enjoy running wild among noisy crowds?
    The bull is worshipped as Nandhi and the same Nandhi is driven wild! I fail to see any logic!!!
    The supreme court has banned the cruel sport and has also made it clear that the verdict is final and the case closed!

  3. Hello Balakumar,
    My name is Suresh Selvaraj, a Tamizhan, residing in Bangalore. I am a media professional – a major par of my career was with Outlook Magazine (nearly 14 years)
    I am coming to Madurai/Alanganalur to do a photo feature on Jallikattu. Can you please help me with info and logistics? Is it on Jan 16th, on Maattu Pongal day?
    Shall be grateful if you could give some inputs.
    +91 98 450 52499

  4. Dear Sir, Thank you for your initiative and support on this, really i feel proud when i see all your efforts. Please let me know if any assistance required, i will try and do my best.

    Mobile: 9884301184
    FB: Seenivasan Karuppanan

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  7. dl. voiculescu un grup de suporteri de la malul dunari santem indinati de faptul ca la gsp. tv aveti niste modelatori care incinta la violenta, rautate ca stau.n,darudclescu care jignesc jucatori ,asa cum radulescu pe data de 17 .02 2009 ia facut pe jucatori nesimti. oare cine se crede acest ziarst ,este un nimic, srustat care ar fi bine dl. voiculescu sa bine voiti sa nu mai apara la tv. ,si stucan. va multim antcipat.

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