Jallikattu bulls get back their mojo

Palamedu_Jallikattu_EPS_(1)By S Deepak Karthik  |  Express News Service  |   Published: 27th May 2017 05:21 AM  |  Last Updated: 27th May 2017 05:21 AM

TIRUCHY: Jallikattu bulls are in great demand now than ever before. They used to cost Rs 50,000 per head last year, but nowadays come with a price tag anywhere between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 7 lakh.
However, the bull owners are not keen on selling them, even though it means letting go a huge amount. The reason being the status symbol that  Jallikattu bulls offer.

It is not only the victory in bull-taming events that have pushed the price up,  but also the campaigns that have of late been undertaken to conserve indigenous breeds of cattle, not to mention the sea of protests held earlier to conduct Jallikattu in defiance of the Supreme Court that has clamped a ban on the traditional bull-taming event across the State and elsewhere in the country.

Last year, the bulls were selling at Rs 50,000 per head, without the conduct of the traditional event. But post-Jallikattu, the prices have soared to Rs 5 to Rs 7 lakh per head.

A bull from Urumanathapuram in
Pudukkottai that died after a head-on
collision with another bull during a
Jallikkattu event at Thiruvarankulam
on Friday | Express

With Jallikattu becoming a frequent event across Tiruchy and Pudukkottai districts, most of the bull owners are unwilling to sell their bulls. That is just one reason. Status symbol, pride, and bulls being considered part of their family are all the right reasons to say ‘no’.

Ever since the Jallikattu was held in Karungulam near Manapparai on January 29, close to two dozen Jallikattu events were held across the district and in Pudukkottai and Ariyalur districts. Last year during the corresponding period, as Jallikattu was not held consecutively in 2015 and 2016, prices of the bulls lingered around Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000.

“We have a Sevalakkalai (bull’s name) in our village, which has won about 12 jallikattus in Tiruchy, Pudukkottai and Madurai districts. Even as buyers were willing to offer Rs 7 lakh for the country-bred bull, the owners said a big ‘no’. Sevalakkalai had won even in the famous arena in Alanganallur,”  M Mookan, a Jallikattu bull owner from Olaiyur near Tiruchy told Express.

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