Jallikattu Supporters to go on One-Day fast in Coimbatore

By Balakumar Somu

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For the first time in its history, Coimbatore will go on record for supporting Jallikattu.

The City is set to witness a one-day fast on April 19, 2015 by supporters of Jallikattu, Manjuvirattu and Rekla Race, who are expected to gather in huge numbers to demand the State and Central Governments to take steps to allow rural Hindu traditions like Jallikattu and other rural sports like Manjuvirattu, Rekla race, Bailgada (Maharashtra) etc. Their demands include removal of ‘Bull’ from the list of animals that cannot be used as performing animals and to pass a special law to protect such religious traditions and rural sports.

Although Jallikattu has not been conducted in Coimbatore in recent times, there is huge support for the sport here. However Rekla race is a popular sport in these areas. Coimbatore, is the home of ‘Kangeyam’ breed of cattle which is a hardy draught animal famous for its load pulling capabilities, ploughing etc and is also used in Jallikattu.


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