Jallikattu is NOT Bullfight!

Jallikattu is NOT Bullfight!

PETA should stop equating Jallikattu to Bullfights !

Over 40,000 Bulls are killed every year in Spain alone !(As stated in PETA.Org.uk website). And all this loss of life is just to enthrall tourists!

Bulls are NOT killed or tortured during Jallikattu in Tamilnadu.
Jallikattu is NOT Bullfight !

It is very unfair of PETA to compare Bullfights of Spain, Portugal and other countries to Jallikattu!

PETA is using Jallikattu as a soft target to score brownie points and create an image of its ‘achievements’ worldwide

Do they have the guts to show footage of the slaughterhouses of the Western world?

Do they have the guts to take on the leather and wool industry where hundreds of thousands of animals are slaughtered?

They only pay lip-service and do not oppose those vehemently as they do not want to antagonise MNCs and the highly powerful tourism industry of Spain, Portugal and other countries!

Why has PETA taken such an active interest in ONLY Jallikattu and not other forms of animal fights such as Bullfight (Bull against Bull) popular in North India, Bangladesh etc, Ram-fight that is popular in north India?

The obvious reason could be that they can compare ONLY Jallikattu to Spain’s bullfight. By scoring small ‘so called victories’, they can claim that they have ‘achieved’ success against ‘Bull Fight’ !

Do U think they will talk about the camel races of the Gulf world where they tie pre-teen kids to camel backs (mostly kids kidnapped from countries like India and Bangladesh)?

Do U think in the glorified Horse races happening all over the world, the Jockey ‘caresses’ the horses to run faster during a race? The Jockey kicks and beats the horse to run faster… Why don’t they oppose that? Is it because it is a game for the rich and influential while Jallikattu is a game of the middle class peasants?

PETA has been very unfair be equating Jallikattu with Bullfights!

Just see the video to see how Bullfight takes place! How can PETA equate Jallikattu with such horrific Bullfights?



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